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A picture you supply will go below, such as: your storefront, a reference (image) to the items you sell, or any featured image of your choosing to represent your business. (we can supply an image if necessary, or make a simple graphic).
(It is preferably a picture that makes your future customers KNOW what exactly it is you do for business).
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The accounts linked to the above buttons are given ONLY as examples, so that you can see how they work, and what happens when you click on them.

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Our News / Press / Info

Stuff about Your Company

We can insert whatever newsworthy type of info about your business you want in this section.

Talk about new products your company came up with, new services you offer, new employees, things you did like charity work, extra curricular activities, etc.

This section should contain extra information about your business, like WHY consumers should buy from you, or choose YOUR company over your competitiors.

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Was your company featured on TV? The newspaper? A business magazine? Do some bragging about it right here!

Did you win the "award of the year" for your industry? Were you honored for something specific? Let people know!

If you have your own pictures / images that specifically pertain to the information you want here in this section, they can be inserted for you.

Otherwise, we can supply you with stock images that will work well with whatever type of info that is herein.

Our Services

We offer numerous Items - Here's our Top Rated Selections:

Display whatever type of services you offer in your business.

What is it you do for your clients?

What do your customers come to you for?

There's 3 separate items (or perhaps categories) you can feature in this section. Choose your best selling services!

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Are you a retailer? This area can highlight specific brand lines of merchandise you have available.

Dentists could highlight teeth whitening, dentures, braces, etc.

Hair Salons, Plumbers, Chiropractors, Lawyers, all have their own specialty services that can be highlighted within this area.


Heating & Cooling Contractors can advertise seasonal sales in this area ("Winter Furnace Inspections Just $75 ").

Photographers &/or Videographers could showcase typical celebrational events
("Wedding Photo Packages Starting at $695").

Insurance agents, lawncare services, computer repair specialists, restaurants, artisans... the establishments & various business people that could use a website this versatile is endless...

Our Portfolio

Show Off The Work You've Done For Clients!

Your Provided Service

There are 3 spots within this section that can be implemented to show off more of the items you sell.

You can have specific client work inserted in this section. This is great if you are in the service industry.

This will show off (more specifically than the above "services" section) exactly WHAT you can do for your customer. Or highlight the BEST of the type of work that you do!

Name of Service

Image Options Herein

You can feature a picture of a client (person); an image showing the location where your work was performed (like the grass in front of Sam's General Store, if you are a lawncare business); or a photo of an actual product that you produce (or sell) with a small description.

YOU will need to provide the 3 images for this area if you want to showcase certain products you carry. We have appropriate stock images that can be utilized if necessary.

Industry Keyword

Product Placement

If you are an artist, you could have a picture here of one of your paintings.

For auto repair shops, if you ONLY service GM cars, maybe have a graphic with some car logos.

The industry you are in determines what can be placed here, but we've given you some examples above...

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Terms of Your Trade


Your Customers Have Great Things To Say About Your Company?

Contact Us

You can choose what form of contact you wish your customers to have.

Display a phone number.

Show your address if it's customary for clients to drop by your office or place of business.

Post an email address if you use that form of communication.

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Optional map if you want customers coming into your store / business!